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If you need to move logistical equipment from one place to a warehouse, there is no better way to do it than using a fork lift. As the name implies, a forklift is a industrial vehicle that can uses a fork like lifter to lift heavy loads or to transport goods easily from a place to another. There are different sizes and purpose and can be tailored easily to your business’s needs. Forklifts also work extremely well with trucks and lorries. This is due to the low sides which the forklift can use to carry goods from. Unlike a traditional vehicle, most forklifts have rear wheels that can turn. This is to aid in making sharp turns and pivoting on the spot, something that is required for precision lifting.

Because forklifts are specialty vehicles, they require special training in order to use them safely. Most business owners make the mistake of using the forklift and often carry weights too heavy or even make turns while the equipment is lifted up, causing imbalance and toppling over the forklift. Because of the nature of work, forklifts also need to be regularly maintained to ensure tip top condition and extend its shelf life.

Why rent?

Renting forklifts is an excellent solution especially if your company is a startup and have limited funds to purchase a forklift. They can be quite costly to purchase and also to maintain. Because forklifts are such specialized vehicles, Nam Seng provides you with professional drivers if needed who are certified under workplace safety and health guidelines.

As mentioned above, fork lifts comes in different sizes for carrying varying loads. At Nam Seng Cargo Supplies Pte Ltd, we have a whole range of forklifts available for rental. Duration of rental can last from short durations to extended periods at affordable prices. Our forklifts are also maintained regularly to ensure uptime and smooth operation of our vehicles.

Who are we?

Nam Seng Cargo Suppliers Pte Ltd is a family run business who has been in the industry since 1993. We are the proud suppliers for many businesses who trust us to provide excellent service and quality vehicles for rental.
If you need a no obligatory quotation, feel free to use our contact form to email us or contact us via our 3 office lines. Our friendly staff will be able to assist and recommend you which type of vehicle to rent.

Short term and long term forklift rental programs are offered to clients to suit their needs. Furthermore, our forklifts can be hired with or without an operator.

Forklift Rental Singapore


Our fleet consist of:

  • Forklifts ranging from 2.5 Tonnes to 7 Tonnes.
  • Fork attachments ranging from 4 feet to 8 feet in length

Our latest additions to our fleet of forklifts:

  • Rotating forklifts, where the forks are able to rotate (360 degree)
  • Clamping forklifts, where the forks are able to open and close


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