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Refrigerated Truck Rental

Refrigerated truck rental is the best decision to make especially if you need to transport perishable goods from location to location. Refrigerator trucks are actually trucks/lorries that has been fitted with professional cooling systems. These cooling systems can be set at specific temperatures according to the goods you are carrying. They also have special insulation to ensure that whatever goods you carry will arrive at the location fresh. While most refrigerated trucks are just equipped with side or back doors, specialized refrigerated trucks such as the ones in Nam Seng Cargo, can be fitted with a tail gate hydraulic system for easy unloading and loading.

Cooling systems

Our cooling systems are maintained above industry standards and are washed and chemically cleaned regularly to ensure that musty smells from the previous job do not transfer. Our cooling systems are also maintained regularly to meet proper refrigeration requirement to prevent spoilage or excessive moisture from entering the compartment. Our trucks are maintained according to the industry standard to ensure bacteria hazards or mold is avoided at all cost.

What Vehicles do we Have

We have different sized air-con trucks up to 24 feet to cater to all your logistical needs. Our refrigerated compartment have top of the line equipment and racks to hold your delicate items to prevent it from moving all over the place. For unloading, our trucks also have tailgates installed our trucks to ensure easy loading and unloading.


Manpower or drivers can also be assigned to your work requirements if needed. Our personnel undergo strict training as well to undertake different roles in performing the job requirement. They can also be attached based on an hourly rate or daily rate to conduct your deliveries.

Bookings and Rentals

Our chiller trucks are available for short or long periods of rental. If you have special requirements or need to discuss specific needs, Call us or use our contact form and our staff will be able to spec the correct vehicle for your job.

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