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Lorry Crane Rental

Probably the most seen goods vehicle in Singapore, lorries or trucks are the most useful tools in any business to transport large quantity of logistics. Lorries and trucks are also extremely versatile because they can be configured in many ways. From lorry cranes for lifting power, adding a hard aluminum cover for waterproofing, or even a refrigerated compartment. The possibilities are endless.

Because of the high cost of certificate of entitlement in Singapore, most companies do not have the luxury of owning a truck or lorry. By renting a truck or lorry, you also don’t have to worry about maintenance or even miscellaneous costs such as road tax or depreciation.

At Nam Seng Cargo, we have a large variety of trucks and lorries with different configuration and sizes to fit your requirements. We also have refrigerated trucks and Crane Lorries for moving of bulky item or for moving sensitive perishable goods.  We also have configurations for tarps for shelter and hydraulic tailgates for easy unloading/loading.

Our Inventory

Our inventory includes vehicles from 14 feet to 24 feet and can carry a safe load of 4-10 tons. If you do not have the necessary manpower to drive and operate such trucks/lorries, we also can provide professional drivers who have years of experience under their belt. Because of our large inventory of rental goods vehicles, we can offer competitive prices for rental durations from 1 day to over 1 year. If you even need heavy equipment for unloading, we have forklifts rentals to pair to conduct your job

Our vehicles are washed on a regular basis as well in order to remove any odour which may have been from previous jobs.

Do contact us for a no obligatory quotation, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can definitely count on Nam Seng Cargo Suppliers Pte Ltd for the best service and price.


Most customers continue to use our services because we:

  • Provide punctual and efficient services
  • Understand and cater to their individual needs
  • Have drivers and operators that are well trained
  • Are reliable
  • Provide solutions
  • Affordable and competitive prices for both long and short duration rentals
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