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Stevedoring Services

What is Stevedoring?

Stevedoring is the activity involving cargo operation (unloading and loading of containers on and off container vessels. Stevedoring or stevedores are therefore essential to Singapore’s trade as a major shipping nation. When container vessels carry goods via containers dock in Singapore, it is the stevedores job to load and transport the containers where it is needed via heavy trucks or powerful fork lifts.

What do we provide?

Being in the stevedore industry for over 10 years, our experienced stevedore team has up-to-date equipment technology to ensure that different types of cargos are efficiently and safely handled for the vessels. Over the years, we have customised many types of equipment to suit the diverse needs of our customers and vessels. Thus ensuring that containers are unloaded and loaded within the specified time.

Below are the following services we provide for stevedoring activities.

-inspection of merchandise

-unloading and unloading of goods

-inspection and lashing specialist

-operation of derricks and cranes

-driving of cars off and on roll-on roll-off ships


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